Night market. Enjoy walking, eating and shopping

Night market. Enjoy walking, eating and shopping london to thailand When talking about places to eat and attractions at night, it is undeniable that these places are all tourist attractions. It is popular because it is a source of many delicious restaurants, as well as clothing stores and other products at night, which after the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus caused some markets to close or stagnate.

But at present, it cannot be denied that the situation of COVID in Thailand Entering a stable situation and more and more people are starting to live a normal life. Causing many night markets to start to come back to life again

Let’s start at the first place with the night market. Newly opened, many people are probably familiar with the fair market. The JodFair Market is located behind Central Rama 9. It is a market that has been moved from the original Ratchada Train Night Market. A flea market with quite a lot of shops and a variety of food, used items, clothes, shoes, accessories. And other fashion products, including nail salons, ear piercing shops, barber shops and many other shops, especially those who are looking for delicious secret food shops, must not miss

2.Indy Pinklao Market
A night market that should not be missed in the Pinklao area. For Indy Pinklao Market, located next to the MRT Bang Yi Khan Station. along with a variety of zones, whether it is a zone for dining in restaurants Zones for sitting and eating, chilling restaurants, pork pan restaurants, to various restaurant kiosks to choose from. until there is a fashion zone for selling clothes Accessories, eyewear, shoes, nail salons and many more.

3.Ramintra Express Market
If talking about the night market It cannot be denied that many people definitely think of Liab Duan Market, Ram Inthra. Which here is a famous night market and a large market with a wide area There are many shop zones. Whether it’s a zone for restaurants Zone for clothes Various fashion accessories to the zone for home decorations, trees, second-hand products zone Which is available for you to choose to shop or look at the products together in a fun way

4.corner market
Another night market that can’t be mentioned is definitely the corner market. Located in the area of ​​Ram Inthra Road, cut from Kaset Nawamin Road. Located opposite The Walk department store. A large night market with many interesting shops. Whether it’s a restaurant location to eat. Zone to sit and eat. or shopping zone for fashion clothes Bags, shoes and more importantly, there is a parking area available.